​​2 Day Exam Preparation Workshop

$ 650.00 plus HST


Air Sealing and Building Science

- The House - As - A - System

-Building envelope and building construction


- Includes training and principles for the

Energy Advisor Foundation Exam 

Energy Advisor
- Includes information & procedure training for the Energy Advisor Certification Exam

-  Natural Resources Educational Materials​ Included​.

  - CHBA Builders Manual will be available for purchase for $65.00 plus HST bring your own.

Examinations are Required at an Examination Centre Endorsed by
Natural Resources Canada for Final acceptance as a Energy Advisor​​ and are NOT Included in this training.


A Certified Energy Advisor is an individual who conducts EnerGuide home evaluations on behalf of a Natural Resources Canada Licensed Service Organization.

Energy Advisors provide third party expert advice to builders and homeowners who wish to use the EnerGuide Rating System in planning and in the design stages of new construction.

Energy Advisors also provide a component of quality assurance once work is completed on homes qualified to be labelled under Natural Resources initiatives.

Energy Advisor Training Workshops​​

Prices Subject To Change Without Notice


Basic Energy Audit & Upgrade Report: $ 425.00

    - Add Infra-red thermography scan $ 175.00

Air Leakage - Blower Door Testing: $ 275.00 & up.

- Includes report and on site leakage locates

Infra-red Thermography and Report: $ 550.00

- Includes blower door test and report.

Mould Testing and Laboratory Report: $ 475.00

- Includes 3 test location cartridges and lab report

Indoor Air Quality, Allergin Test and Lab Report: $ 475.00

-Includes whole house single cartridge test and lab report​

​​​3 Day Data Collection & Hot2000 Workshop for New Homes

& Ontario Building Code

$ 975.00 plus hst

Take Off from drawings and input into Hot2000

Hands On - In Classroom

Data Processing & Software Training

Hands On - In Classroom

- Includes Hot2000 v11 NRCan Advisor Training Version

Just a few of our services:
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SB12 Building Code Plan Review & Report: $ 300.00

    - Add $ .30 per square foot and $ 150.00 per storey.

EnerGuide Testing, Report and Labeling: $ 350.00

​  - Add $ .40 per square foot and $ 250.00 per storey.

Energy Star Plan Review and Report:$ 450.00

 - Add $ .50 per square foot and $ 300.00 per storey.

Depressurization Testing and Report: $ 350.00


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​​​​​3 Day Data Collection and Hot2000 Workshop for Existing Homes

$ 975.00 plus HST


Whole Home Energy Audit

Hands On - On Site

- Includes automated testing with the Minneapolis Blower door​​

Data Processing & Software Training

Hands On - In Classroom

- Includes Hot2000 v11 NRCan Advisor Training Version